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Well that didn’t last long.  As soon as we find a suitable beef topping, it gets discontinued by our distributor so we can no longer obtain it.  The search will have to continue I suppose.  Last I checked the restaurants still had a small supply, so if you liked it, get it while you can.

In other news, sandwiched in between the government fighting on how much or how little to cut from the budget and Tanya Harding’s pregnancy, you might have heard a blurb about Round Table Pizza filing for bankruptcy.  Here is a link to an article with the official press release from Round Table, but I’ll highlight the important part:

“This action will not impact Round Table’s 148 franchisees that operate 355 independently owned Round Table Pizza restaurants on the West Coast. Round Table Pizza, Inc. said that it will close some unprofitable, company-owned restaurants but stressed that most of its company-owned locations and all of its franchised locations will remain open, with minimal impact on consumers.”

We are not going out of business and closing our doors.  This action only affects company-owned stores (mainly concentrated in California) and does not affect independently owned stores such as ours (all the Round Table Pizza’s in Washington are independently owned and operated).  While, like everyone else, we have been feeling the pinch of this economy, it will be business as usual for us.  We are doing fine.  You don’t have to worry about your favorite pizza going away.

In other news, we have a new line of pizzas out.  They are called the “Fire Roasted Pizzas” and feature a creamy Chipotle sauce.  For $12 you can get a large Fire-Roasted Veggie which includes roasted onions and peppers, roasted tomatoes and green onions, for $14 you can get the Fire-Roasted Pepperoni or Fire-Roasted Chicken and Bacon pizzas.  They include all the toppings listed on the veggie plus your choice of (yup, you guessed it) either pepperoni or chicken and bacon.  I have personally tried the new pizzas and the new creamy chipotle sauce is very good, so come down and give it a try.  We also have new Chipotle-Cheddar Twists as well which feature the creamy chipotle sauce if you want to try the new sauce, but just can’t stop ordering your favorite Round Table Pizza, add some Chipotle-Cheddar Twists to your order.

One other bit of news.  Our manager in Bellingham has been working with our alcohol distributors to bring in a whole bunch of new wines, featuring many good northwest bottles.  We haven’t worked out the details yet, but we are thinking of hosting a wine-tasting event, where you will have the opportunity to sample some of these new wines paired with our gourmet pizzas.  So keep an eye on our blog, or better yet, like us on Facebook so you don’t miss the announcement!

About 10 years ago Round Table made the commitment to switch from raw to precooked toppings.  Having raw toppings on the make-line increased the risk for cross contamination, and with food safety being a top priority for us, we decided it was best to move to all precooked products.  The only raw meats we were offering at the time were sausage, ground beef, and chicken that we precooked ourselves.

Now Round Table Pizza has always been about quality, so just switching to precooked toppings was no easy task for us.  Generally speaking, raw meats usually resulted in a fresher, better tasting topping than anything precooked.  We spent a lot of time searching and developing precooked toppings that closely matched the quality and flavor that our customers had come to expect from us.  Eventually we developed a precooked season sausage that had a great flavor profile and also we found an all white meat grilled chicken that matched our quality expectations.

Ground beef, however, was a problem for us.  At the time we just were unable to develop a great tasting precooked beef topping, nor were we able to find a vendor who offered a beef topping that was up to our standards.  With our commitment to eliminate raw toppings for food safety, we had to make a decision.  Eventually we decided to just eliminate ground beef as a topping.  At the time there were three specialty pizzas that had ground beef as a topping.  The King Arthur Supreme and the Montague’s All Meat Marvel were the most popular pizzas that offered ground beef, but we elected to just substitute the beef with extra sausage.  Then there was the Tostada Pizza, our wonderful little take on a taco pizza.  Without beef, the Tostada Pizza just wasn’t the same, its sales dropped and eventually it was dropped from the menu.

We have always kept an eye out for a good precooked beef topping and now I believe we have finally found one.  We recently sampled a seasoned ‘steak chunk’ topping and it passed the grade.  It has great flavor and maintains a great juicy consistency after cooking (the major issue couldn’t overcome with other precooked beef toppings was that they ended up just way to dried out).  We decided to bring in this beef topping, and with it we are bringing back the Tostada Pizza.

For those who don’t remember the Tostada Pizza, it was our take on a taco pizza.  We start with a special refried-bean sauce and our new steak topping.  Then we add fresh after cooking; lettuce, tomato, olives and shredded cheddar cheese. And now for a limited time, you can get a Large Tostada Pizza for just $14.

So whether you want to add beef to your favorite pizza or you want to go retro and order yourself up a Tostada Pizza, our new steak topping makes both options possible.  So try out either option and let us know what you think of the new topping.

Just a quick update, you can now also get a 25% discount by checking in with Facebook Places in Bellingham.  Took Facebook a bit longer to get this set up, but it’s running there now as well.

Facebook just announced their new “Deals” program with Facebook Places.  We are beta-testing this new program at our Mount Vernon store.  For a limited time if you check in at Mount Vernon Round Table Pizza you will receive a coupon from Facebook to get 25% off your order.

You just have to use either an iPhone or a smartphone that has an HTML5 enabled browser (Android, Blackberry w/ os6.0, etc).  If you have an iPhone, just use the Facebook app to check in.  If you have a different brand of smartphone, just go to on your mobile browser to check in.  You will then be able to claim the deal, and then you just have to show your phone to the cashier when prompted to redeem the deal.

Again, this deal is only for a limited time. If successful, we will continue to have different great offers available via Facebook Places.  You can redeem it once per day, and it is only good for regularly priced menu items.  You have to be at the store to check in, but if you don’t feel like coming in, you can still order online and save 15% by using coupon code Facebook15 when you check-out.

Click Here for more information about Facebook Deals.

*Please note.  This offer is currently only available at our Mount Vernon location.  We hope to offer it in Bellingham soon, but are waiting on Facebook.  We will keep you posted.  Also please remember, our crew does not develop iPhone apps and we do not work for Facebook.  We just make pizza.  Our crew members will not be able to offer any technical assistance in redeeming this deal.  Accessing this deal on your smartphone is up to you, please contact Facebook if you are having technical issues.

We are introducing our new Pizza Dippers.  Dip into flavor with three bold new pizzas full of fun. Pizza Dippers feature our original crust with dough rolled fresh each day, as well as our famous blend of fresh mozzarella, aged cheddar, and provolone cheeses. Each Pizza Dipper is made with a sauce crafted to heighten the flavor of the toppings. We then place a dish of that same sauce in the center of the pizza for dipping so you get an extra burst of flavor with every bite.

Dippers come in three flavors; Ham and Green Pepper with Polynesian Dip, Sausage and Mushroom with Creamy Ranch, and my favorite Bacon and Tomato with our new Buffalo-Ranch Dip.  Pizza Dippers start at just $10 and of course are available for you to order online.

We are giving away Free Large Pizza coupons. All you have to do is check-in with either Foursquare or Gowalla, or send a location-based Tweet from Round Table, and you will be automatically entered to win a coupon for a Free Large Pizza! Free pizza coupons will be given away every Friday so keep checking in! More contest details available by clicking here.

Our online ordering menu is easy to use, very convenient, and also has some very special online only specials available to you. Please keep in mind that this is a brand new system and we are still testing it out (hopefully with your help). We have done lots of internal testing, but if you do come across a problem, please let me know. I will reward you for your efforts! Also, you can save 15% off your order right now, just use coupon code facebook15 when you checkout!

Also keep your eye on our Twitter and Facebook page. There will be some very special offers for our followers and fans!

My Mom, Dad, Brother and I were sitting at Round Table eating lunch last week.  I had my usual lunch dilema, a personal pizza just wasn’t quite big enough for me, but a small pizza is just too big for me to finish on my own.  After making a comment about how I wish our personals were bigger we all got to thinking “you know what, we should make our personal pizzas bigger!”

So we ordered up a bigger personal pizza cutting ring, made sure the personal pizzas could still squeeze into our boxes, and now we are serving our bigger personal pizza.  We also decided to keep our personal pizzas and lunch specials at the same great price, so you get our new bigger personals for the same great price.

So next time you are deciding where to have lunch, come on in and enjoy 15% more pizza for free.  Our #1 lunch special (Personal Pizza, all-you-can-eat salad bar, and soft drink starting at just $7.49) is still one of the best lunch values in town, and as always we serve you the best pizza in Skagit & Whatcom county!

MyBigGive (

One of the pillars Round Table Pizza has formed itself on is giving back to the community. We have always spent the majority of our advertising funds on donations to the community, rather than things like print advertising and mailers. One of our former employee’s, Travis Ketchum, has adopted this principle with his idea and website MyBigGive.

The idea of MyBigGive is pretty simple; many major brands (for example, will offer people a commission to drive traffic to their website. What Travis is doing is allowing you, the consumer, to have 70% of this commission donated to a charity of your choice just by going through his website MyBigGive when you shop (I usually choose Livestrong).

The best part of MyBigGive is that it doesn’t cost you anything extra. You get the same great low prices from your favorite brands, but now, just by going through when you shop, you also get to support your favorite charity.

Travis has gotten MyBigGive off the ground mainly with just word of mouth. He has the support of several dozen brands already(, Newegg, North Face and Walmart are some examples)and many charities available for you to help support. Now Travis is trying to take MyBigGive to the next level. He has entered MyBigGive into Pepsi’s “refresh everything” contest.

Pepsi’s “refresh everything” contest awards grants to ideas just like MyBigGive. Travis is trying to win a $250,000 grant to help MyBigGive to take off. He needs your help though because the grants are awarded based on public voting. So if you have a few moments, please, Click Here to vote for MyBigGive.

Even without winning the grant, you can help MyBigGive take off simply by using it when you make your online purchases. It takes less than 1 minute to use, it doesn’t cost you anything extra, and you get to support your choice of great causes. Why wouldn’t you useMyBigGive?

So add to your favorites, tell your friends about MyBigGive, help make a difference every time you shop (without costing you a dime extra)!

We here at Round Table are very proud of what Travis has already accomplished with MyBigGive and hope, with your help, he can make this idea bigger than even he could imagine.

Please note, that if he wins, none of the $250,000 grant will go to Travis or his salary and will all be utilized to help grow MyBigGive.