Hey, Where are our TV’s?

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So I’ve gotten some comments from our Bellingham customers who seem to be a little jealous that the Mount Vernon store got 7 new HDTV’s and a huge 120″ projector screen, while Bellingham got nothing. I figured I’d expand on that a little bit and fill you in on what is going on.

There were a couple of things we wanted to test this year to help improve our customer experience at Round Table. The first was updating the televisions in the restaurant to provide a much better experience for our customers who come in to enjoy sporting events such as the Seahawks, Marniners and Sounders.

The other thing we wanted to invest in was a new computer system for the stores.  Our old system is almost 15 years old now and is frankly outdated and crash-prone.  A new computer system would be much more stable (hopefully!) and would have built in features which allow us to much better serve you, the customers.

Unfortunately with the economy the way it is, we just aren’t able to put new TV’s and a new computer system in at both stores at the same time.  So we drew straws and Mount Vernon got the short straw.

I can hear your response now, “Now wait, they got the TV’s, how is that the short straw?”

Well you go and ask any member of our crew if they’d rather get new TV’s or get a new computer system I believe they would all jump for the new computer system.  As a matter of fact the manager at Mount Vernon (my brother Casey) threaten to take all the TV’s down, drive them up to Bellingham and to hang them all up so MV could get the new computer system instead.

Well Casey, it doesn’t work that way. Sorry.  We have been doing a lot of work behind the scenes and have identified the new system we want to put in and are hoping to have it up and running in March.  Now I know for our customers this may not be as exciting as the potential to come in and enjoy some Boundary Bay beer and pizza while watching the Sounders on a 120″ screen, but this new computer system has lots of bells and whistles which should allow us to provide you with much better service.

We do have plans to upgrade the entertainment in Bellingham as well.  And yes, Casey will also eventually get the new computer system.  But we have to do these projects one at a time.  Right now we are on track to have the new computer system working starting in March.  Hopefully the transition will be seamless, but there may be a few bugs and hiccups along the way.  So Bellingham, we ask you to be a little patient with us this coming month, and hopefully we can also get you some shiny new TV’s in the near future.

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