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Thanks to a strange sequence of events, I have been fielding a lot of “are you guys open?” phone calls. First there was this news about corporate filing for bankruptcy, then thanks to a mix-up with phone providers our phone system was disconnected for several hours last Sunday, then Snowmaggedon ’11 hit.
So as I was down at our Mount Vernon store shoveling snow, thinking to myself “I’m not even suppose to be here today” I realized I should probably spread the word that it’s business as usual for us. Again I want to reiterate that we are independently owned and operated and we are not a part of the bankruptcy filing.
If you tried to call our Mount Vernon store last Sunday and got a “this number has been disconnected” message, it was just a mix up with the phone company. Our phone number is back up and working and remains the same (424-7979). We are switching providers on Monday so there might be brief outrages, but they are suppose to have that all wrapped up before 11:00am. Although the mix-up last Sunday doesn’t inspire confidence… so if you try to call on Monday and can’t get through, try again in a few minutes or just order online, we will be there.
Lastly, we try our best to remain open despite the weather. While we may limit our delivery areas and/or close down a little early for the safety of our employees, for the most part we try to operate normally even during inclement weather. It’s going to take more than a mere 18″ of snow to slow us down!
So if this cold weather has got you shivering, we will be happy to warm you up with our new Fire-Roasted Pizzas. Come on down and try one, they are on special. If you are still snowed in, we will try our best to bring one to you.

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