Where’s The Beef? (It’s on the Tostada!)

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About 10 years ago Round Table made the commitment to switch from raw to precooked toppings.  Having raw toppings on the make-line increased the risk for cross contamination, and with food safety being a top priority for us, we decided it was best to move to all precooked products.  The only raw meats we were offering at the time were sausage, ground beef, and chicken that we precooked ourselves.

Now Round Table Pizza has always been about quality, so just switching to precooked toppings was no easy task for us.  Generally speaking, raw meats usually resulted in a fresher, better tasting topping than anything precooked.  We spent a lot of time searching and developing precooked toppings that closely matched the quality and flavor that our customers had come to expect from us.  Eventually we developed a precooked season sausage that had a great flavor profile and also we found an all white meat grilled chicken that matched our quality expectations.

Ground beef, however, was a problem for us.  At the time we just were unable to develop a great tasting precooked beef topping, nor were we able to find a vendor who offered a beef topping that was up to our standards.  With our commitment to eliminate raw toppings for food safety, we had to make a decision.  Eventually we decided to just eliminate ground beef as a topping.  At the time there were three specialty pizzas that had ground beef as a topping.  The King Arthur Supreme and the Montague’s All Meat Marvel were the most popular pizzas that offered ground beef, but we elected to just substitute the beef with extra sausage.  Then there was the Tostada Pizza, our wonderful little take on a taco pizza.  Without beef, the Tostada Pizza just wasn’t the same, its sales dropped and eventually it was dropped from the menu.

We have always kept an eye out for a good precooked beef topping and now I believe we have finally found one.  We recently sampled a seasoned ‘steak chunk’ topping and it passed the grade.  It has great flavor and maintains a great juicy consistency after cooking (the major issue couldn’t overcome with other precooked beef toppings was that they ended up just way to dried out).  We decided to bring in this beef topping, and with it we are bringing back the Tostada Pizza.

For those who don’t remember the Tostada Pizza, it was our take on a taco pizza.  We start with a special refried-bean sauce and our new steak topping.  Then we add fresh after cooking; lettuce, tomato, olives and shredded cheddar cheese. And now for a limited time, you can get a Large Tostada Pizza for just $14.

So whether you want to add beef to your favorite pizza or you want to go retro and order yourself up a Tostada Pizza, our new steak topping makes both options possible.  So try out either option and let us know what you think of the new topping.

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