Travis Ketchum’s Big Give (Former employees making a difference)

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MyBigGive (

One of the pillars Round Table Pizza has formed itself on is giving back to the community. We have always spent the majority of our advertising funds on donations to the community, rather than things like print advertising and mailers. One of our former employee’s, Travis Ketchum, has adopted this principle with his idea and website MyBigGive.

The idea of MyBigGive is pretty simple; many major brands (for example, will offer people a commission to drive traffic to their website. What Travis is doing is allowing you, the consumer, to have 70% of this commission donated to a charity of your choice just by going through his website MyBigGive when you shop (I usually choose Livestrong).

The best part of MyBigGive is that it doesn’t cost you anything extra. You get the same great low prices from your favorite brands, but now, just by going through when you shop, you also get to support your favorite charity.

Travis has gotten MyBigGive off the ground mainly with just word of mouth. He has the support of several dozen brands already(, Newegg, North Face and Walmart are some examples)and many charities available for you to help support. Now Travis is trying to take MyBigGive to the next level. He has entered MyBigGive into Pepsi’s “refresh everything” contest.

Pepsi’s “refresh everything” contest awards grants to ideas just like MyBigGive. Travis is trying to win a $250,000 grant to help MyBigGive to take off. He needs your help though because the grants are awarded based on public voting. So if you have a few moments, please, Click Here to vote for MyBigGive.

Even without winning the grant, you can help MyBigGive take off simply by using it when you make your online purchases. It takes less than 1 minute to use, it doesn’t cost you anything extra, and you get to support your choice of great causes. Why wouldn’t you useMyBigGive?

So add to your favorites, tell your friends about MyBigGive, help make a difference every time you shop (without costing you a dime extra)!

We here at Round Table are very proud of what Travis has already accomplished with MyBigGive and hope, with your help, he can make this idea bigger than even he could imagine.

Please note, that if he wins, none of the $250,000 grant will go to Travis or his salary and will all be utilized to help grow MyBigGive.

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